Cohesive Bandages

Cohesive Bandages

High quality, self adhering bandages with controlled compression.

CoFlex Vet

An economical, self-adhering bandage.

  • Provides protection and superior adhesion
  • Controlled compression - will not constrict
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Sweat and water-resistant
  • Easy to remove

Colors, Prints and Sizes

Catalog #SizeRolls/Case
3100XX-030 1" x 5 yds. 30
3150XX-048 1½� x 5 yds. 48
3200XX-036 2" x 5 yds. 36
3300XX-024 3" x 5 yds. 24
3400XX-018 4" x 5 yds. 18
3600XX-012 6" x 5 yds. 12
XX = color code

Colors Available:
Tan (TN), White (WH), Red (RD), Blue (BL), Green (GR), Yellow (YL), N. Pink (NP), N. Green (NG), Purple (PU), Orange (OR), Light Blue (LB), Black (BL), Teal (TE)

Colorpack (CP)

Colorpack (CP):
N. Pink, Blue, Purple, Light Blue, N. Green, Red

Rainbowpack (RB)

Rainbowpack (RB):
Teal, Blue, White, Purple, Red, Green